Yogi Tea For The Senses Good Night - 17 Bags

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This is what a relaxed evening feels like. YOGI TEA® Good Night with high-quality essential lavender oil, chamomile blossom, and hops allows us to consciously enjoy the quiet evening hours and the end of the day.

"Take a deep breath and enjoy a peaceful night."

Only our finest, natural ingredients for your pleasure!

Lavender Oil is obtained from the flower of lavender, a plant that belongs to the family of mint plants native to the Mediterranean. Lavender tastes very aromatic and is known for its beautiful flowers as well as the sweet heady perfume.

Lavender Flowers, this tantalising fragrance can be smelt everywhere around the Mediterranean. The plant of the mint family is native to these areas, even if it is now cultivated throughout the world because of its beautiful flowers. Lavender tastes tart-spicy and slightly bitter. It contains valuable essential oils.

Chamomile Flowers were sacred for the Teutons and the flower of Sun God Ra for the Egyptians: the white feathered chamomile with its brilliant yellow petals. Chamomile is a herbaceous plant, the typical fragrance which everyone knows. Its flowers taste slightly bitter and pleasantly mild.

Hops is a climbing plant that grows up to 10m in height. In the wild, it primarily grows at the edge of forests, in clearings, and on bushes. Its greenish-yellow cones are ready to be harvested at the end of August. They taste slightly bitter and subtly tart.


Fennel*, Peppermint*, Lemon grass*, Chamomile flowers*, Lemon balm*, Sage*, Lavender flowers*, Cardamom*, Hops*, Lavender oil*, Nutmeg*

*certified organic

Brewing Suggestions

Pour 250ml of freshly boiled water over the teabag. Allow to infuse for 5-7 minutes