Yogi Tea Relax Tea - 17 Bags

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Tranquil, relaxed, calm.

A cup of YOGI TEA Relax is like a haven of peace in tumultuous times. The enticing aroma of chamomile and liden flowers is already enough to exude serenity. In combination with fruity rosehip, the waves are calmed. You can once more take the helm with complete tranquillity.

The tea for everyone seeking the power of tranquillity.   

Chamomile Flowers were sacred for the Teutons and the flower of the Sun God Ra for the Egyptians: the white feathered chamomile with its brilliant yellow petals. Chamomile is an herbaceous plant, the typical fragrance of which everyone knows. Its flowers taste slightly bitter and pleasantly mild.

Linden Flowers, not only bees love them: Human beings have long valued the merits of lime blossoms. As a native to Europe, the tender flowers of the lime open in June. They exude an aromatic fragrance, taste slightly sweetish and contain valuable essential oils.

Rose Hips are a member of the rose family, the rosehip has bright red fruit that contains many little nutlets. It thrives in the wild throughout all of Europe and Asia, preferable in a site with direct sunshine. Depending on when they are harvested, the taste of rosehips ranges from sourish-tart to slightly sweetish.


chamomile flowers*, fennel*, linden flowers*, cardamom*, barley malt*, hibiscus*, liquorice*, alfalfa*, raspberry leaves*, orange peel*, rose hips*, cinnamon*, ginger*, cloves*, black pepper*

Allergens in bold. * Certified organic

Brewing Suggestions

Pour 250ml of freshly boiled water over the teabag. Allow to infuse for 6 to 7 minutes - or longer for a stronger flavour.