Natur Boutique Sleep Passion Flower Tea - 20 Sachets

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The Independent: “10 best sleep teas that make bedtime a breeze.”

Passion flower is a type of vine that grows in the Americas and produces beautiful and exotic blooms. The plant has beed used traditionally for many years and produces the perfect tea helping unwind in the evening. An uplifting tea high in anti-oxidants. Boil the kettle, sit back and enjoy the flavours of this unique drink, letting it soothe and relax you before the bedtime.

“If you’ve tried all the valerian, chamomile and milky drinks you can stomach, it might be time for something different. Passion flower is a vine that has been used traditionally as a tea all over the Americas to help people unwind before bedtime and initial scientific studies agree it might do the job too. This then, is a 100 per cent pure passion flower formulation prepared in tea bags ready to brew for a few minutes and drink before bedtime. The flavour is subtly sweet and pleasant to drink without any overt floral notes. A double blind placebo controlled trial in healthy adults with mild sleep quality fluctuations found that quality of sleep was improved in those drinking passion flower tea compared to a placebo tea so put the kettle on.” The Independent


Passion Flower

Brewing Instructions

Use one tea bag per cup. Leave to brew for 3-4 minutes in freshly boiled water.


Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding. Not suitable for children.

Passion flower may have a sedative effect, therefore do not take if operating machinery or vehicles or taking sedatives. Consult a doctor if using before surgery.

Stop taking immediately if you experience any adverse effects and speak immediately to a doctor.