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Our Pregnancy Multi has been developed for you by an expert nutritionist. They worked in line with government and European Food Standards Agency recommendations to meet all your nutritional needs, resulting in a supplement with just the right amount of folic acid - in a safe, bioavailable form.


Our Pregnancy Multi is made from foods, ocean-sourced, and plant-based ingredients. Our bodies absorb vitamins and minerals far better as part of a complete complex, while still staying gentle to the stomach. All our whole food ingredients come to you in their raw and complete form. Using carefully-controlled, low-heat conditions, we preserve all the naturally occurring co-nutrients like live enzymes, phytonutrients, amino acids, trace minerals, and other bioactive co-factors. We also include nutrients extracted directly from natural sources. This is to make sure they remain in forms your body can easily recognise.

  • NUTRITIONAL YEAST - Providing: Whole food nutrients and naturally occurring co-nutrients. An inactive and non-candida yeast, with no known allergic reactions
  • CARROT - Providing: Whole food beta carotene and naturally occurring co-nutrients. Safely converted to vitamin A in the body.
  • LICHEN - Providing: Vitamin D3. Our plant-based vitamin D3 is produced from lichen. It's a small and unique organic species that contains one of the only plant-based sources of the body's preferred biologically active form (cholecalciferol).
  • YELLOW PEA OIL - Providing: Whole food vitamin E and naturally occurring co-nutrients. Contains all 8 tocopherols & tocotrienols.
  • CHICKPEA - Providing: Vitamin K2. One of the best sources of K2 is found in an ancient Japanese food called nattō. That's why our vitamin K2 is formulated using chickpeas fermented with Bacillus subtilis natto. Our vitamin K2 brings you a highly biologically active form of vitamin K2 - one that’s 10 times more efficiently absorbed than vitamin K1 from spinach.
  • CITRUS PULP - Providing: Whole food vitamin C, bioflavonoids, and other naturally occurring co-nutrients
  • PURIFIED SEA WATER - Providing: Magnesium. Ocean-derived magnesium from the deep waters of Iceland provides magnesium in a natural form
  • SEAWEED - Providing: Calcium. Seaweed calcium is complete in a marine multimineral complex providing bioactive calcium with 72 other trace minerals. The calcium is derived from Atlantic red algae (Lithothamnion Calcareum), which naturally absorbs trace minerals from the surrounding seawater. Those minerals calcify to a skeletal structure and mature material settles separately from young and live material on the seabed, where it is harvested sustainably.


We are dedicated to bringing you products with no artificial additives or chemical processes. And this is never more important than when supporting you through your pregnancy. Our capsules are made from real, kind-to-the-body ingredients, and are always gentle on the stomach. Safe for you, safe for your baby.


Your Pregnancy Multi can support you from conception, right through pregnancy and breastfeeding. We suggest pairing it with our Algae Omega 3 for complete support through the pregnancy and breastfeeding stages.


All our products are made using simple, chemical-free processes - and only ever meeting our high standards.


It's vitally important to us that we can be sure the vitamins we offer to you are free from harmful contaminants and measure up to our high level of quality.

That's why every batch we produce is tested and analysed by fully independent laboratories and we make these results available to you.

We use only independently accredited laboratories.


Nutritional yeast1 providing: Iron, Selenium, Zinc, Copper, GTF Chromium, Boron, Iodine, Molybdenum, Manganese, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Inositol, Choline and Folic Acid2; Lithothamnion Calcareum seaweed providing Calcium3; Magnesium from purified sea water; Citrus pulp providing Vitamin C; Carrot concentrate providing Beta Carotene; Yellow pea providing Vitamin E4; Gum Acacia; Tapioca extract5; Lichen providing Vitamin D3; Plant cellulose; Chickpea providing Vitamin K2 (as menaquinone-7). Capsule (Vegetable cellulose). 1An inactive and non-candida yeast. 2As Folate. 3For the full Trace Mineral breakdown click here4Contains all 8 tocopherols & tocotrienols. 5Non-GMO plant extract used to turn oil into powder.


Tapioca extract - Carbohydrate extracted from cassava root. Used to turn D3 oil into a powder


Two capsules a day, as part of a healthy and balanced diet. This formula contains fat-soluble nutrients, so is best absorbed with a meal that contains fat. This formula contains B vitamins, which play a vital role in energy production. So it’s best taken in the morning or early afternoon.


This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Do not exceed the recommended intake unless directed by a practitioner.

Keep out of the sight and reach of children. Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Do not use if the seal is broken. Reseal pack after every use. Use within 60 days once open.