Pukka Tulsi Clarity - 20 Teabags

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Also known as ‘Holy Basil’, Tulsi is an uplifting herb that has been used and revered in India for centuries. The Rama, Krishna and lemon essences are expertly blended to sharpen the senses and clear away the clouds. Breath in the fragrant aromas and enjoy blissful moments of simplicity.

Tulsi Clarity can be enjoyed at any time of the day but is perfect in those moments when you need clarity and focus; an important work deadline, or while you are studying. It’s also great for when you simply need to have a relaxing, mindful moment after a busy day. 

Naturally caffeine-free, 100% organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients: Tulsi leaf blend (green Rama, purple Krishna, lemon Vana).

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