PelliTec Blister Prevention Pads

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STICKS TO YOUR FOOTWEAR, NOT ON YOUR FOOT: Simply place the pad on the inside of your footwear adjacent to where you have had a blister before or feel a �hot spot� to prevent a blister forming. PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE IN REDUCING THE OCCURRENCE OF BLISTERS AND HELPING THEM TO HEAL: Many successful trials amongst runners, walkers, athletes, dancers, sports players and military personnel in all types of footwear. The pads will stay firmly stuck in your footwear even if wet conditions. INSTANTLY RELIEVES PRESSURE AND PAIN: If you have a blister the PelliTec pads will cushion and protect the affected area thereby reducing pressure and the risk of infection allowing you to continue your activity. UNIQUE 6 LAYER CONSTRUCTION: The unique and breathable sandwich construction containing a gel core and the latest technical materials is designed to be durable and water resistant. The gel core moves with your foot to reduce the friction which causes blisters. DEVELOPED IN THE UK: The PelliTec blister prevention pad was developed in the UK and is now sold all over the world.