Organyc Light Incontinence Extra Pads - 10 Pads

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No Leaks, No Odour, No Irritation!

Organyc brand light bladder control products completely protect you from wetness, odour, and irritation to help maintain dignity. They’re made only with certified organic cotton next to your skin, with cotton-balanced super absorbency inside the pad that quickly pulls away wetness to keep you dry. And, they have odour control that is certified, to help you feel more confident.

  • Certified organic cotton next to your skin
  • Cotton super-absorbent centre
  • Certified odour control


Top sheet certified organic cotton: Only certified organic cotton on your skin. Hypoallergenic and breathable.

Cotton absorbent core: An absorbent cotton core. Highly absorbent.

Certified odour control: Helps improve confidence and maintain dignity.

How to use

Peel back the middle adhesive strip and fix the pad to underwear.

Non-flushable. Wrap the pad in paper and put into a waste bin.