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Odor Eaters Foot & Shoe Spray is specially formulated to help keep the most active feet and shoes fresh and odour free all day. Odor Eaters Foot & Shoe spray contains a specially selected combination of anti-bacterial agents to help prolong shoe life. It is so gentle and soothing you can use it for all the family.

  • Superior odour and wetness protection with new Zorbitex technology.
  • Destroys odour on contact and absorbs 110% of its weight in sweat.
  • Prevents most athletes foot with daily use.
  • Dries crystal clear without messy residue.
  • Apply to feet, shoes and socks.
  • Guaranteed to keep feet fresh and dry all day.
  • Easy spray nozzle for ultimate control

What's the best way to keep my feet from smelling?

A: Bathe your feet daily and scrub them gently and thoroughly between the toes. Use an antibacterial soap. Dry your feet completely. Spray your feet with Odor Eaters Foot & Shoe Spray. Wear well-ventilated shoes, preferably made from natural material they'll breathe better (and so will you). Also, avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row. It's best to let them air out and dry. Finally, wear socks made from cotton or some other absorbent material.

My feet really smell a lot. Should I be worried?

A: Probably not. Odor-Eaters can help you tame your foot odor. But if that isn't enough, you should visit a doctor. You may have Bromidrosis and should be under a doctor's care in addition to using Odor-Eaters products.

Why do my feet seem to smell more with some kinds of shoes?

A: It's not your imagination. Some synthetic materials used in shoes like spandex, polyester, rayon and nylon make it harder for feet to breathe.

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