Buzzy Brush Replacement Heads for Electric Toothbrush - 2 Pack

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Children will love to have an electric toothbrush just like Mummy and Daddy. With a timer of 2 minutes and 3 different modes, children will soon learn the best way to clean their teeth properly and independently. Choose the musical track or spoken prompt for Buzzy to instruct your little one on how to use their toothbrush and clean their teeth. 

These two replacement heads fit the new Jack N' Jill New Buzzy Electric Musical Toothbrush V2, a fab electric toothbrush for children with two audio settings. These brush heads will not fit the original toothbrush. Replace every three months or sooner if required.

Important note about chewing Buzzy’s rotating brush head:
This will quickly cause damage to the rotating mechanism of the toothbrush head and will usually require immediate replacement. Chewing on the rotating head during operation can also damage the motor inside Buzzy, which will cause it to fail permanently.