Nano-b Antibacterial Gold & Charcoal Toothbrush - Green

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Take care of your smile by utilizing the power of gold, charcoal and silver.

There are more than 10 million bacteria on the average toothbrush, but not on Nano-b! By utilizing the natural antibacterial properties of gold and bamboo charcoal, Nano-b eliminates up to 99% of the bacteria that gets on your toothbrush.

Here is what makes Nano-b Charcoal & Gold so special:

  • Gold –Half of the Nano-b Charcoal & Gold bristles are impregnated with genuine gold particles to safeguard your toothbrush from bacteria. This keeps your toothbrush clean and safe, which is what you want from a dental tool you put in your mouth every day.
  • Charcoal – The other half of the bristles are impregnated with bamboo charcoal particles. Known for its natural whitening and toxin absorbing qualities, charcoal helps your teeth stay clean and white.
  • Double bristle structure – Unique bristle structure combines brushing and flossing in one, removing plaque effectively even between your teeth and under the gum line. 800 long, ultra-thin bristles imitate flossing action to clean plaque in hard-to-reach places, while 800 short bristles take care of the big surfaces of your teeth.
  • Rounded bristle tips – Scientifically rounded bristle tips protect the soft tissue of your mouth from scratches and cuts. This makes Nano-b ideal for people suffering from sensitive or bleeding gums.
  • Small head size – A toothbrush should be able to effectively clean all of your teeth, not just the easy-to-reach ones. We’ve made the head of Nano-b small and nimble enough to reach and clean your back teeth just as well.
  • Travel case included – Each Nano-b toothbrush comes in its own handy travel case, ideal for storage and travel. Now it’s easy to carry your toothbrush with you whenever you want to.
  • Lasts up to 6 months - Nano-b bristles are more durable and fray much less than standard brushes. Combined with its antibacterial features, this means you can safely use your Nano-b brush for up to 6 months, before getting a new one.

I suffer from bleeding gums and sensitive teeth. Can Nano-b help me?

Many of our customers suffering from bleeding gums or sensitive teeth report a vast improvement in their condition in 1-2 weeks.

What is the difference between Nano-b Silver and Nano-b Charcoal & Gold?

All of the bristles of Nano-b Silver are integrated with genuine silver particles that reduce bacteria count on your toothbrush.

Half of the bristles of Nano-b Charcoal & Gold are integrated with genuine gold particles. The other half is integrated with bamboo charcoal particles. Gold keeps your toothbrush clean by inhibiting bacteria growth (just like silver), while bamboo charcoal has natural absorbing and teeth whitening properties.

All other features and benefits of the toothbrushes are the same.

How hard shall I press Nano-b on my teeth?

Even though Nano-b bristles have scientifically rounded tips to protect your teeth and gums, we still recommend pressing very gently while brushing. Apply low, gentle pressure to get maximum effectiveness and results. Frayed bristles indicate you are applying too much pressure, which could be dangerous to your teeth and gums.