Rabenhorst Cranberry Juice - 750ml

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100% Pure Cranberry juice from first pressing

100% pure juice from North-American Cranberries, not from concentrate. Rabenhorst select untreated North American cranberries, which have been carefully pressed ensuring that they retain their valuable nutrients for this refreshing, tangy cranberry juice.

Benefits include; Anti-inflammatory effect on urinary passage. This effect is obtained best in the case of pure cranberry juice without added sugar or other fruit juices. Responsible and ethical farming. Hand-picked fruit. Essential source of vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Usage Recommendation: 75ml per day pure or mixed with water.


100% Cranberry juice.

No added sugars. It does not come from concentrates.

Storage Instructions:

Shake well and consume within 14 days after opening. Keep refrigerated.

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