PBfit Original Peanut Butter Powder - 225g

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Peanut Butter Made Better

PBfit is peanut butter powder. We make it by pressing gently roasted peanuts to remove most of the fat and calories. Then we grind the peanuts and mix in some coconut palm sugar and a pinch of salt. All products are packaged in our headquarters in Lindon, Utah.

PBfit peanut butter powder offers the irresistible flavor you’ve grown to love, with 87% less fat and a third of the calories of traditional peanut butter. The perfect solution for those wanting a delicious, gluten-free, and plant-based source of protein. You can mix it in to anything from oatmeal to Thai peanut sauce. PBfit makes a great dip for apples, bananas, celery and pretzels. Throw a few scoops into your smoothie mix, yogurt or oatmeal to add a flavourful protein boost. You can also replace some of the flour in your baked goods to make peanut butter muffins, pancakes and brownies. Or you can just add water and make peanut butter! It's peanut butter but better!

  • Gluten-free
  • GMO free
  • 8g of plant-based Protein, 60 cals & 2g Fat per serving
  • 3 simple ingredients


Peanut Flour, Coconut Palm Sugar, Salt

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How to make creamy peanut butter

2tbsp PBFit with 1.5tbsp water, combine and stir until smooth. Consume immediately. Great for blending, baking & spreading! Mix into baked goods like bread, pancakes, waffles and cookies to add a great peanut butter flavour. You can also blend it into breakfast smoothies and other drinks for a tasty, low fat protein boost

Store in a cool, dry place