OceanSaver Laundry EcoCaps - 34 Capsules

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OceanSaver® Non-Bio Laundry Detergent Capsules clean as well as the leading brands and are the first ever laundry capsule that doesn’t harm Ocean-life.

Did you know? All laundry pods on the market, including the supposedly “eco-friendly” ones, contain ingredients at levels that are harmful to Ocean life? Just check the back of pack.

OceanSaver® Non-Bio Laundry Detergent Capsules give you outstanding cleaning and stain removal as good as the leading brands. Made with powerful plant -based Ocean life friendly ingredients, they clean, remove stains, and freshen every time, even on cold washes (20 degrees, with zero residue).

Independently tested on all the usual and unusual things you spill on your clothes, including baby food, spaghetti sauce, grass, and blood.

OceanSaver® Non-Bio Laundry Detergent Capsules are 100% plastic-free and contain zero microplastics. They are hypoallergenic and kind to sensitive skin. Vegan and Animal-Cruelty-Free. 

How it's used

Place an EcoCap at the back of the empty drum, and place your clothes on top of the EcoCap.

Ingredients & Safety

Ingredients: 30% Non-ionic surfactants, 15-30% Anionic surfactants, 5-15% Soap, Optical brighteners, Perfumes.