Nature's Greatest Secret Colloidal Silver 20 PPM Dropper - 50ml

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Silver has been traced as far back as Ancient times for wound healing and protection against disease and infection. Before the introduction of antibiotics, Silver was one of the few antimicrobial treatments. Silver is used to this day in wound dressings, water purification, bone prostheses, reconstructive orthopaedic surgery, cardiac devices and surgical appliances. 

Colloidal silver 20ppm. The electrolysis process produces extremely small and evenly distributed ionised silver particles in deionised water, creating an effective and potent solution. The particle size is 0.00023 microns, this is about the same size as a pathogen!

Handy-size dropper bottle with a pipette for accurate measurement. Refill from 300ml formulation for extra value. Supplied in an amber glass bottle.

  • High pH 9.5
  • Pharmaceutical-grade deionised water & 99.99% pure silver
  • 100% Natural


Aqua (Purified Water), CI 77820 (Silver) 


Store in a cool dark place, do not refrigerate. Use within 12 months of opening.

Keep out of the reach of children