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Multi-Gyn Floraplus is a safe, natural and effective treatment for thrush (candida) that works in harmony with your bodys natural flora, not against it. FloraPlus contains 40% 2QR, which regulates the pH balance, making the vagina more acidic and creates a protective barrier against harmful microbes and bacteria. It also contains selective prebiotics, which nourish the useful lactobacilli which release lactic acid, to naturally maintain the slightly acidic pH of a healthy vagina, and prevents thrush from getting out of control again.

Regular use of FloraPlus will help create a healthy vaginal environment, where the optimum flora will be maintained in perfect balance.

FloraPlus comes in 5 convenient single use tubes, and can be used as an intensive 5 day course for thrush, or used every 3-5 days as a preventative treatment to keep your vaginal flora in perfect balance.

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    Great product

    Posted by Memelle on 10th Feb 2017

    I bought this product in case I get thrush. Its soothing and effective. I used it the last time I got thrush. Brilliant.

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