HG Professional Limescale Remover Concentrate - 500ml

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Thé strong limescale remover

HG limescale remover concentrate is a very concentrated and strong limescale remover for the safe removal of stubborn limescale and deposits. This strong limescale remover is suitable for removing limescale and other deposits from tiles, shower doors, or taps. This strong limescale remover can also be used for removing limescale from poorly spraying shower heads.

  • Super concentrated
  • Extremely powerful, but safe for all materials in the bathroom
  • Also removes rust and urine stains as well as Verdigris

The strong limescale remover and heavy-duty limescale remover that is absolutely safe to use 

HG limescale remover concentrate is the ideal strong limescale remover for removing stubborn limescale. This heavy-duty limescale remover also removes rust and urine stains as well as Verdigris. HG limescale remover concentrate is powerful yet safe for all the materials that are used in a bathroom or toilet, including chrome, stainless steel, ceramic, glaze, glass, and plastic.

How do you use HG limescale remover concentrate?

Follow the steps below to effectively remove limescale and limestone with HG limescale remover concentrate:

  1. Depending on the amount of dirt, HG limescale remover concentrate is either used undiluted or diluted with water to a solution of 1:10
  2. Apply the strong limescale remover with a sponge
  3. Leave to work for a few minutes, wipe off with water and rinse.
  4. Submerge clogged showerheads in HG limescale remover concentrate for 30 minutes and then scrub with a brush
  5. Your limescale has disappeared!

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