HG ECO Sanitary Area Cleaner - 500ml

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Environment-friendly cleaning of the toilet area

HG ECO sanitary area cleaner is the best solution for a wonderfully fresh-scented toilet area. HG ECO sanitary area cleaner is a sustainable product for everyday use when cleaning the toilet area. The toilet seat, the outside of the bowl, the cistern, the handbasin, the tap and even the door handle can be cleaned daily using HG ECO sanitary area cleaner.

  • Ecologically sound
  • A freshly scented cleaner
  • Ideal for daily use

Environment-friendly cleaning using HG ECO sanitary area cleaner

HG ECO sanitary area cleaner is an environment-friendly product suitable for daily cleaning of your toilet area. 

How do you use HG ECO sanitary area cleaner?

Follow the steps below to use HG ECO sanitary area cleaner:

  1. Spray HG ECO sanitary area cleaner directly on the surface you wish to clean and leave it to work for a few minutes. 
  2. Then wipe off the surface with toilet paper or a clean, dry cloth.

The HG ECO philosophy

By introducing our new ECO range, we want to offer you the possibility of an environment-friendly choice. The following steps have been taken to arrive at our new ECO range:

  • HG ECO products are less harmful to the environment.
  • Free from preservatives, phosphates, phosphonates, colourings and microplastics.
  • Free from ingredients such as allergens, parabens and chlorine.
  • Packaging made of 100% recyclable materials.

HG ECO products are just as effective as the other HG products. The use and convenience of HG ECO products are identical to the regular HG range.