GIMBER Organic Ginger Alcohol Free Alternative - 500ml

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GIMBER is an organic, alcohol free alternative based on the finest ginger, lemons, herbs and spices. Enjoy GIMBER with sparkling water, hot water, in cocktails and mocktails, and in cooking.

  • GIMBER: Experience the powerful taste of GIMBER. A versatile organic ginger-based drink that will make your taste buds dance.
  • INGREDIENTS: The delicious concentrate consists of 38% high-quality ginger, organic lemons, herbs and spices. A drink full of power and flavour. The exact recipe is a closely guarded secret.
  • PREPARATION: GIMBER can be used as a drink additive as well as for refining dishes. The possibilities are endless! Standard recipe: Mix 20-30 ml GIMBER with fresh sparkling water.
  • ALCOHOL-FREE: Finally, an alcohol-free drink that really tastes good. GIMBER is the perfect alternative for the classic aperitif or as an ingredient for a mocktail. No alcohol - lots of flavour.
  • 100% BIO: The refreshing concentrate consists exclusively of organic and natural ingredients. GIMBER has the organic certification (NL-BIO-01) EU/non-EU agriculture.


38% ginger*, cane sugar*, lemon*, water, spices*. (*organic origin)

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