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Beautiful skin

Efamol Evening Primrose Oil is unique. The oil used is carefully extracted from a specially cultivated Rigel Evening Primrose, the seeds of which contain up to 33% more GLA than other Evening Primrose Oils†. Efamol carefully manages each step of the oil extraction process to ensure that the oil stays in the same form as in the seed, thus retaining its natural properties.

At Efamol, quality and purity are key values. Our unique Rigel Evening Primrose is grown to our specification in the Netherlands and New Zealand by the same growers we have used for the last 40 years. This unique oil is tested to ensure it contains the GLA stated and has been successfully used in numerous scientific trials in humans.

†Efamol Evening Primrose Oil contains 115mg of GLA per 1000mg capsule. A survey of standard Evening Primrose Oil available on the high street shows an average GLA content of 8.3mg per 1000mg. The difference between these two figures is 38.5%. Allowing for natural variations of GLA we have rounded this down to 33%.


  • Efamol Evening Primrose Oil helps support beautifully nourished and smooth looking skin.
  • Can be used by women throughout the month.
  • Efamol gives you 33% more GLA.
  • With Rigel Evening Primrose Oil unique to Efamol.

Tried & Tested

  • Softer, smoother and less dry feeling skin
  • Beautifully smooth and nourished looking skin

Formulated For:

  • Beautiful skin: GLA
  • Cell protection: vitamin E

Can I take any Efamol fatty acid supplements with other medications or supplements?

Anyone under medical supervision or taking medication should consult their health care provider seek medical advice before taking any supplement, including those in the Efamol range. There are no known contraindications with other supplements so there should not be a problem taking Efamol products at the same time as other vitamin and mineral supplements.

Care should be taken when combining a range of products into a supplement programme to unsure that the upper safety limits of nutrients are not exceeded.

Why you might supplement your diet with Evening Primrose Oil, a rich source of Omega-6 nutrients.

Some Omega 3-nutrients and Omega-6 nutrients can be made in the body; this includes the Omega-6 nutrient GLA. However, factors such as age, poor dietary choices including an excess of saturated fats and more can reduce the body’s efficiency in this process. With today’s busy lifestyles we don’t always get enough of what is good for us. Following a varied and balanced diet ensures that you can get an adequate dietary intake of these important nutrients.


Pure Evening Primrose Oil, capsule shell (bovine gelatin, humectant: glycerol, vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate).


Adults: 1 capsule (1000mg) 2 capsules (500mg) per day with food or drink.

Children aged 5-12 years: 1 capsule (500mg) per day with food or drink.

Efamol advises optimising the body's natural store of these important nutrients by increasing the recommended intake for the first twelve weeks.

Adults: 3 (1000mg) or 6 (500mg) capsules per day with food or drink.

Children aged 5-12 years: 3 (500mg) capsules per day with food or drink.


Do not exceed the recommended intake. In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, cease use of this product immediately and seek medical advice.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medication, or have a previous health condition you must consult your doctor before using this product.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Store in a cool, dry place out of the sight and reach of young children. Do not use if seal is broken.