Ecozone Pro-Active Sports Detergent - 750ml

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The formulation of this Pro-active Sports Wash is specially designed to fight typical sports stains such as grass, dirt, clay and blood. Containing an active ingredient: Zinc Ricinoleate, that helps to eliminate odour during activity and to ensure that unpleasant smells are removed even at low wash temperatures. It is specifically made suitable for functional fabrics like Gore-Tex ®, mixed textiles and outdoor textiles etc.

In addition, The formula maintains the membrane-function and other special features of the clothing. Works like a “regular” liquid detergent and cleans the clothing with surfactants and enzymes, so can also be used for other clothing besides sports gear

  • Specially formulated for sportswear & outdoor clothing fabrics
  • Removes stubborn dirt such as sweat & tough stains like grass
  • Coats clothing with an advanced odour resistant barrier & protects the fabric


Dehydol LT7, Dehydol 980, MPG, Potassium Cocoate, Protease ST-4L, Phenoxyethanol, Trisodium Citrate, Polyfix ZRC 30MT, Sports lld 355807, Pectinase 260L, Cellulase 800L, Amylase TT 12L, Reilline 350 Polymer, Milliken Blue, Water

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