Beanies Mixed 6 Pack - Chocolate Orange, Irish Cream, Nutty Hazelnut, Cinder Toffee, Cinnamon Hazelnut & Very Vanilla

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At Beanies we think life is all about flavour.

So we’ve made a flavour coffee to suit every moment. Because sometimes it’s a super Sticky Toffee kinda day. And others it’s a cheeky Cherry Chocolate kinda day. You name it, we’ve got the full-on, all-out flavour to go with it.

This mixed pack gives you 6 different coffees to enjoy:

  • Chocolate Orange - The perfect blend of smooth milk chocolate and tangy orange – a match made in heaven (and Beanies HQ)!
  • Irish Cream - Smooth and creamy, our Irish Cream Coffee is delicious on its own, as an addition to a dessert or as a base for a little tipple!
  • Nutty Hazelnut - The smooth taste of toasted, roasted hazelnuts in every cup - we're totally nuts about it!
  • Cinder Toffee - Deliciously, delicate honeycomb flavours with a slightly bitter sweet aftertaste.
  • Cinnamon Hazelnut - Sweet cinnamon combined with rich hazelnut - it's the perfect afternoon treat or morning brew.
  • Very Vanilla - There’s nothing basic and boring about this classic! A true treat!

That's almost a different one every day of the week!


Freeze Dried Coffee, Flavourings.


Remove the lid, break the seal and release the aroma! Use one heaped teaspoon per mug, add freshly boiled water, and enjoy.

We always suggest that you store your Beanies jars with the lids on tight in a cool dry place. Once the foil lid is broken the Beanies boffins recommend the coffee is consumed within 12 weeks.