How to Brew Green Tea the Pukka Way

13th Jun 2014

How to Brew Green Tea – A Pukka Guide

author: pukka January 30th, 2013 

When we created Pukka’s Three Green Tea and Fairtrade Green Tea Pack we set out to create truly superior tasting green teas. So in order for you to get the best from the hand picked organic varieties of Sencha, Oothu and Suoi Gang, we thought we’d put together a little guide about the art of great green tea making.

How to Brew Green Tea - A Pukka Guide - Oothu

Oothu green tea pickers in Tami Nadu, South India

Some people claim not to like green tea! Extraordinary behaviour – but they’re entitled to their opinion. It is however possible that the reason these people don’t enjoy one of the most popular teas in the world is that they’ve been performing one or two green tea faux pas in the tea making process. It’s not as simple as just throwing everything in a mug, oh no. That said, any old mug can do it. Here’s how…


Water temperature

Most people boil the kettle, pop a teabag in a mug and pour away. Itttt-urrrrrrrr. Incorrect answer. When water boils it’s at 100°C, so when the kettle is freshly boiled the water will in fact be too hot for the optimum cup of green tea – and we’re all about optimum today.

The best temperature for Pukka green tea is around 80°C – that’s twenty degrees less than the usual old cuppa. Why, oh why, we hear you cry? Well this is because lots of things in green tea contribute to flavour. Brewing green tea at a lower temperature ensures that the naturally sweet, smooth and complex flavours will not be overpowered by bitter-tasting ones that are released by higher water temperatures.

And the question you’re begging to shout: how do I know the water is 80°C? Well, a thermometer of course. What’s that? You don’t have a thermometer by your kettle, and what’s more, you’re not that interested in doing so as it seems a little excessive for a cuppa?

All right then, why not just decant your freshly boiled water into a Pyrex glass or ceramic jug and let sit for 2 – 3 minutes before using to make your tea. Even if it’s not an exact science, any reduction in heat will aid the deliciousness of your Pukka green tea.

How to Brew Green Tea - A Pukka Guide - Teapot

Steep time

Green tea does not require as much of a brew time as your conventional builder’s brew – so no spoons standing up straight, thank you. Too long a steepin’ will result in more bitterness (yes, that bitterness is back again) and in general reduce all those lovely flavours we’ve worked so hard at sourcing from those lovely Fairtrade growers in China, India and Vietnam – you don’t want to upset them, do you?

We recommend 1 – 3 minutes maximum steep time for Pukka Three Green tea. That said, it’s also down to personal preference. Experiment a little with the time to find the right length of brew for your taste buds.

There you go, you’re all briefed and fully education in the art of great green tea making now. Time to pop the kettle one for a nice cup of 80°C tea. Now do you like it? ;)

How to Brew Green Tea - A Pukka Guide - Green tea pack

Fairtrade Green Tea Pack: Mint green, Lemon green, Green tea

How to Brew Green Tea - A Pukka Guide - Three Green Tea

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