Equazen Baby - 30 Capsules

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A scientifically developed unique formulation of high DHA Omega-3 fish oil with Omega-6 that can be squeezed into any food. The oils used in Equazen eye q baby are of unrivalled purity. DHA is provided by meticulously processed pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 fish oil; omega-6 GLA is provided by virgin evening primrose oil specifically sourced and produced to ensure it is completely clean of any chemicals and pesticides.

Equazen baby is a food supplement that delivers the specific omega-3 and omega-6 long chain fatty acids important for a baby's healthy development and through early childhood.

Up to 30% of the eye and brain is made of these nutrients, which predominantly come from a dietary source. The contents of just one capsule a day will provide a youngster with the intake recommended by leading nutritional authorities.

This high quality food supplement contains a unique blend of Omega-3 and Omega-6, the Essential Fatty Acids that make up a staggering 30 per cent of our brains. As our bodies can’t produce them, they must be obtained from our diets. That’s where Equazen eye q can help. Without artificial colours or additives, our fish oil comes from sustainable sources and is independently tested to comply with stringent WHO and EC purity rules.

How to use

1 twist off capsule per day with food/liquid (200g or 200ml). Twist of capsule and squeeze contents into at least 200ml of liquid, formula milk, or 200g of food and mix well.

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