Voss Still Water - Plastic Bottle - 500ml

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VOSS is served on the tables of the most discerning consumers, in the rooms of the top hotels, and at the finest restaurants. VOSS is available in Still and Sparkling in a variety of sizes.

VOSS Still and VOSS Sparkling are available in the signature VOSS glass bottles in 375ml and 800ml sizes.

Inspired by the luxurious VOSS glass bottle, VOSS Still can also be found in a specially designed, high grade PET bottle in 500ml.

The new VOSS multi-pack is designed to be the perfect take home package. 

Sodium - Na : 6
Calcium - Ca : 5
Magnesium - Mg : 1
Chloride - Cl : 12
Fluoride - F : 0.1
Sulfate - SO4 : 5
pH : 6
TDS : 44

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