Rabenhorst Organic Wheatgrass Cocktail - 750ml

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Enjoy this delicious, harmonically composed juice made of young wheatgrass, green tea extract, lemon and other aromatically balanced ingredients.

The idea of creating a juice made of wheatgrass fascinated people for centuries. Forget about the time and trouble of squeezing wheatgrass yourself. Rabenhorst uses selected micro algae spirulina and green tea extract in order to create a delicious breakfast drink.


Organic wheatgrass juice (45%), organic green tea extract (22%) (water, organic green tea 0.1%), organic apple juice, organic agave syrup, organic lemon juice (3%), micro algae spirulina (0.2%), stabiliser: pectin.

Storage Instructions:

Shake well and consume within 5 days after opening. Keep refrigerated.

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