Pukka Aqua Herbs Turmeric Active - 30ml

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Turn your water into a naturally delicious drink by adding organic herbal drops. Never see water the same way again.

Say “hello” to running free with invigorating turmeric & ginger. Life is for living! The combination of turmeric and ginger offers anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Everyday support for joints and muscles. Bodily support for all levels of activity from sports enthusiasts to the less mobile.

Turmeric Root: The queen of protective herbs. It contains curcuminoids and essential oils which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also has analgesic properties to help reduce pain.

Ginger Root: Wonderfully warming and stimulating, ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and painkiller.

Sweet Orange: Naturally rich in vitamin C with an uplifting fragrance to help boost the immune system and circulation.

Taste profile - Aromatic, earthy blend with lingering sweet orange notes

Ingredients: Concentrated sweet orange juice 51%, Honey 16%, Sweet orange peel glycerite (contains non-organic citric acid) 10%, Ginger root extract 6%, Turmeric root glycerite (contains non-organic citric acid) 5%, Concentrated lemon juice 5%, Turmeric root extract 4%, Sweet orange peel tincture 2%, Turmeric root tincture 0.75%, Ginger root tincture 0.25%

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