Pukka Aqua Herbs Citrus Zing - 30ml

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Turn your water into a naturally delicious drink by adding organic herbal drops. Never see water the same way again.

Put a spring in your step with the uplifting mix of green tea, ginseng & lemongrass. Combines
natural stimulants to boost core energy levels. Fresh and uplifting to awaken and clarify the mind and senses. Strengthen and rejuvenate the nervous system.

Red Ginseng: These plants can survive temperatures of 20 C, an example of ginseng’s strength and adaptability in the face of intense environmental stress. Known for its uplifting properties & is an apoptogenic herb to support adrenals.

Green tea: Traditionally and scientifically known to boost mental clarity, cognitive function, alertness while bringing a sense of calm.

Lemongrass: A delicious tonic that supports the body's digestion and nervous system whilst delivering a lively and exotic aromatic sharpness.

Taste profile - A refreshing, uplifting taste bursting with zesty lemon and sweet lemongrass

Ingredients: Concentrated white grape juice 31%, Honey 15%, Concentrated apple juice
13.5%, Green tea glycerite (contains non-organic citric acid) 13%, Concentrated lemon juice
13%, Lemongrass extract 8%, Ginger root extract 4%, Ginger root tincture 2%, Red Ginseng root tincture 0.5%

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