Pukka Aqua Herbs Chamomile Relax - 30ml

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Turn your water into a naturally delicious drink by adding organic herbal drops. Never see water the same way again.

Welcome peace into your life with this deliciously floral blend of chamomile, ashwagandha & lavender. A relaxing blend to help calm and soothe inspired by our hot tea. Relax frazzled nerves and anxious digestion. Contains herbs that calm and strengthen the nervous system and digestion. 

Chamomile Flower: Rich in relaxing essential oils that affect nerve transmitters linked with anxiety to effectively improve sleep and release stress/tensions.

Ashwagandha: A strengthening yet calming adaptogenic tonic that nourishes and relaxes the nerves, whilst also building core energy. It helps the body recover from long-term stress while relieving anxiety.

Lavender: A traditional sleep remedy, high in essential oils to relieve stress and anxiety and improve sleep by acting on nerve-calming receptors.

Taste profile - A mellow blend, balancing bright floral hints with honey notes

Ingredients: Concentrated white grape juice 36%, Concentrated apple juice 19.5%, Chamomile flower glycerite (contains non-organic citric acid) 14%, Honey 14%, Concentrated lemon juice 5.5%, Chamomile flower extract 4.5%, Lavender flower extract 2.5%, Chamomile flower tincture
1.5%, Ashwagandha root tincture 1.5%, Spearmint leaf extract 1%

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