MyMouth JiBee Tongue Cleaner - Cerise

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A tongue cleaner like no other. Designed by UK Dentists for convenient use at home. Available in four vibrant colours for the whole family (Slate Grey, Sky Blue, Tangerine, Cerise).

Innovation from the traditional look, feel, and usability of existing products. The active area has been created to ensure that the yellow coating on the tongue can be effectively removed leaving the tongue clean and germ-free. The silicone grip handles are sculpted expertly to ensure good ergonomic (comfortable) hold with a unique design. The JiBee is travel friendly, with a registered design protected clip mechanism to help put it into your toiletry bag. The JiBee tongue cleaner is also recyclable and eco-friendly ticking all the sustainability boxes.

Benefits of using a JiBee Tongue Cleaner include:

  • Reduce Bad (Mask) Breath 
  • Fight Gum Disease 
  • Remove Harmful Bacteria 
  • Improve Sense of Taste

Reduce bad breath and improve your oral health with JiBee tongue scraper cleaner! Designed, used, and recommended by dentists and hygienists across the UK.

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