Lucy Bee Organic Creamed Coconut - 500g

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Creamed Coconut from the Philippines is unsweetened, fresh, organic coconut kernel which has been dried and pureed and naturally contains some coconut oil.

It adds a rich creaminess to dishes and is perfect for making your own coconut milk.

How to Use

For a delicious, all natural coconut milk simply blend Lucy Bee Creamed Coconut with water, using more or less depending on the richness required.

It can also be stirred into casseroles and sauces; used as a dairy free creamy frosting for bakes and cakes; or simply use as a vegan spread.

Not recommended for frying.

What do I Taste Like?

Our natural and unrefined Creamed Coconut has a rich coconut aroma and flavour.

Where am I From?

Lucy Bee Creamed Coconut is from the Philippines. These coconuts are grown using organic farming principles in an agroforestry environment.

Why Fair Trade?

This Fair Trade premium improves the lives of those workers involved in producing the Creamed Coconut through:

  • Funds to feed undernourished children
  • Coconut (re)planting programs for sustainability
  • Student subsidy for children of coconut farmers
  • Community development projects
  • Fair wages
  • Life insurance for workers
  • A low-interest lending programme for farmers


100% Organic Raw Creamed Coconut

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