Kure Oxygen Water - 500ml

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  • PREMIUM FORMULATION - Kure Oxygen Spring Water was created with the two most important elements in mind, the purest Natural Spring Water and Super Hyper Oxygen. A fusion of these two elements brings life to our planet and every living being in it
  • INCREASES OXYGEN INTAKE - Our ultra-purified natural spring water is infused with 93% pure oxygen and is a safe and natural way to increase the oxygen in the body while rehydrating. Our formula shows cells being hydrated for a longer time, which will greatly help athletes or those who require more focus in their jobs
  • REFRESHING AND DELICIOUS - Kure Oxygen Spring Water has no chemicals or additives, ensuring the best quality, taste, and freshness. Better than any energy drink out in the market, this natural sports beverage hydrates like no other
  • BENEFITS THE BODY - Our still oxygenated bottled water has been found to increase metabolism and energy levels, improve stamina and faster recovery, reduces stress, and gives you better sleep. This natural oxygenated spring water helps athletes recover faster from training and boosts performance
  • FOR THE HEALTH CONSCIOUS - We are an ever-increasing health conscious society that spends more time in gyms rather than pubs. Kure Oxygen Spring Water is here to assist those who are looking to embrace their best possible health moving forward.

Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, No Allergens, Kosher, Halal, Pure & Natural.


Kure Oxygen Spring Water is an everyday still drinking water, but boasts more benefits than any other commercially available bottled water, which makes it incomparable to leading brands. Crafted with the finest Devon Spring Water with 814 years of Great British Heritage.

Why is KURE unique and incomparable to other brands?

Our premium spring water is a safe and natural way to increase the available oxygen intake & hydration and is incomparable to traditional bottled waters. A fusion of the two elements that bring life to all of humanity and our planet. The deficiency of these 2 elements alone are the cause of most of humanity's afflictions and illnesses. With this in mind, Kure LTD has created a unique, premium formulation with nothing else added. Our process ensures that oxygen becomes an integral part of the water so nothing is lost when you open a bottle of Kure, and the complete goodness and benefits is delivered into the body's core. Real people that drink Kure Oxygen Spring Water have reported improvements in their quality of life and greatly affected the blood profile of all of those people that were tested.

Tests showed cells hydrated for a longer period, which is a game changer for athletes, sports enthusiasts, gym goers and those that require more focus and alertness in their studies or work. Kure benefits not only everyday health, athletic performance and detoxification but also in any condition whereby blood circulation is affected. Other Benefits of Kure Oxygen Water Increased metabolism and energy levels. Improve stamina and faster recovery. Strengthening and increased joint movement. Improve flexibility - mobility and strength Anti-inflammatory treatments. Faster recovery from injury Cell regeneration. Restful Sleep Stress Reduction

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