JUST WATER Still Water - 500ml (Pack of 12)

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- 100% spring water in a paper bottle

- 74% less carbon emissions compared to plastic

- Made from 82% renewable resources

- Responsibly sourced in upstate New York

- 100% Recyclable

- 24 bottles / 16.9oz each

Water is not an unlimited resource. Commercial bottled water brands often follow a “use more, pay less” model which is not sustainable at a time when water is becoming much scarcer in many places.

We created JUST to upend that thinking. Ours is an impact model. When we sought out a source for our water, we didn’t stop at the question, How much is available? We also asked: Is the water source sustainable over time? How do we value the water fairly? What is the impact we’re having on the community through the process, from pump to bottle?

Flat is good! At JUST our bottles start life in only two dimensions. We make a better water bottle from flat rolls that ultimately get folded into shape when they are filled.

This way we can ship 1.5 million of bottles in a truck, which requires fewer trucks and in turn, less energy. Shipping the same number of fully-formed plastic bottles would take 13 trucks.

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