Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin - 237ml

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A jewel in the Heritage Store crown, Rosewater & Glycerin is great for replenishing dry, tight or weather-stressed skin with a medley of only three dew-boosting ingredients.

Uniting hydroessential rose, with the brand’s signature Vor-Mag water and glycerin, this calming and hydrating mist is incredibly versatile – not to mention incredibly clean. The glycerin acts as a humectant – attracting and retaining water in a bid to supplement cells’ reservoirs – while the Vor-mag water (meaning that the water has been magnetised and ‘vortexed’ to increase its energy and vibration) works in tandem with the healing and mood-elevating rosewater to leave skin feeling supple, soft and ‘springy’. Simply mist over face, hair and scalp to hydrate and rebalance whenever you start to feel fraught.

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