Eight Triple Eight Coconut Milk Shampoo - 1000ml

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EightTripleEight coconut milk shampoo contains all the essential nutrients that your hair needs to stay healthy and shiny. Coconut milk is well known for helping to leave your hair silky and smooth and more manageable.

Coconut milk helps to nourish your scalp and hair, the shampoo is enriched with fatty acids, proteins and vitamins which all help to nourish deep in your roots. Coconut milk is known to help to restore dry, damaged and brittle hair while also helping with split ends. For best results it is recommended to use this shampoo with EightTripleEight coconut milk conditioner.

Features of EightTripleEight Coconut Milk Shampoo

  • Nourishes your scalp, roots and hair
  • Enriched formula that is paraben free
  • Coconut milk restores dry and damaged hair
  • Helps with split ends

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