Ecozone Towel Softener - 1L

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Ecozones Towel Softener has a beautifully fresh Wild Cotton scent. With a 3 in 1 action formula that will last up to 17 washes, the pure plant-based ingredients work to make fibers smoother and less rough (which usually occurs due to hard water), so your towels will always feel gentle and forgiving against your skin until their ready for the laundry bin!

A little note: When you choose to use conventional Fabric Softeners & Conditioners on towels, the solution will actually leave an invisible water-resistant layer behind, which ends up significantly reducing the fluffiness ultimately leaving your towels less absorbent. That’s why we always recommend using a specially formulated Towel Softener to keep your towels in their best condition. Also suitable for reusable nappies 

  • Improves the fabric's absorbency
  • Restores towels original softness with every wash
  • Gentle on skin & fabrics


Aqua, Fatty Acid Esterquat of a Cationic Type, Dipropylene Glycol

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