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Omega 3 content per dose: 2 capsules have 860mg EPA and 440mg DHA (the same as a whole tin of sardines).

Ingredients: natural triglyceride-form fish oil from wild (never farmed) sardine, anchovy and mackerel + fish gelatin with glycerol BP (Our capsules are pescatarian friendly, we never use pork or beef.) + a tiny amount of vitamin E (tocopherol) to naturally preserve the fish oil. There is no vitamin D in Lion Heart.

Who it's for: Perfect from 12 years up.

How many to take: 2 a day, all at once or spread out. For more information, you can download the product leaflet below.

Health benefits: anti-inflammatory, heart, blood pressure, arthritis, skin, mental health, brain and eye development.

Purity & safety: every batch is certified and awarded a 5-star purity and quality rating from International Fish Oil Standards. We also publish our own test results for every batch below.

How long a pack lasts: one month if you take 2 a day. Two months if you take 1 a day.

Packaging: 100% recyclable glass pot.

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