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What causes ear wax accumulation?
Ear wax or cerumen is a normal secretion of the glands in the ear. However excessive ear wax may cause a number of unwanted effects including hearing loss, discomfort, pain, and coughing.
Hearing loss occurs when accumulated wax occludes (blocks) the ear canal, reducing or preventing sound waves from easily reaching the eardrum. Discomfort or pain may be evident in
cases where compressed wax pressures the eardrum. Coughing may be occurring in cases
where the impacted wax stimulates nerves shared both by the ear canal and throat, provoking a tickle in the throat which may lead to a cough.

How does Audisol® Ear Wax Remover work?
Audisol® is an effective natural spray intended to dissolve and wash away accumulated ear wax. Audisol® combines a mechanical wash compound with the safety and efficacy of natural olive oil. Using Audisol®, earwax is dissolved and gradually removed from the ear by using a natural ear cleaning mechanism. The Audisol® spray mechanism ensures perfect dispersion of the solution in the ear canal

Mineral Oil, Phytosqualan, Spearmint Oil


  • Audisol® ear wax remover should not be used in patients with a perforated eardrum, inflamed ears, using grommets, had recent ear surgery or suffering from ear infections.
  • Do not spray into the eye. In case of accidental contact with the eye, wash thoroughly with running water
  • In case of any irritation or sensitivity discontinue use immediately and get advice from a medical professional

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