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Aqua Amore are proud to introduce ACTIPH alkaline ionised water which we have added to our bottled water portfolio for home delivery and office delivery directly from our London warehouse.

ACTIPH Water is Europe’s first alkaline ionised bottled water. Through a unique ionisation process, purified spring water and a proprietary blend of electrolytes are supercharged creating a powerful antioxidant at an alkaline level of pH9.5+. This helps restore your natural balance, enhances hydration providing a sustained increase in energy levels. ACTIPH aims to inspire and energise, enabling people to live life to the fullest, setting them up to make the most of every day.

ACTIPH alkaline ionised water was literally born at sea, a result of a discovery whilst producer Jamie Douglas-Hamilton was setting two Guinness World Records by rowing 5,000 miles across the vast Indian Ocean, all the way from Australia to Africa.

On this unsupported expedition, a crew of six pulled more than a million strokes, battling strong currents, major storms and even a hurricane. With rowing broken into two hourly shifts, 24 hours a day. Physical demands were so extreme that the each of the crew burned 10,000 calories a day and had to drink up to 13 litres of water. These extreme conditions often led to vivid hallucinations and even passing out.

To counter these extremes, the crew started to mix their fresh water with a small amount of sea water, replacing essential minerals. This had a dramatic effect, rebalancing the body and giving the crew the energy to continue. It was this moment in the middle of the Indian Ocean that inspired Jamie to find a way of delivering this same balance and increased energy levels to everyone’s daily lives.


We source our spring water from the Shropshire Hills and purify it with reverse osmosis to rid the water of any heavy contaminants and unwanted microorganisms, ensuring 99.9% purity.


Then we add key minerals including; magnesium, sodium and potassium. These help your body’s natural balance and creates an electrolyte-rich blend, ready for ionisation.


It’s this unique process of supercharging the water that removes acidic ions resulting in an alkaline, hydrogen rich water, with powerful antioxidant properties.

The pH scale is logarithmic, so with every change in the pH number, the alkalinity changes tenfold. This means leading colas, sports drinks and energy drinks are over 100,000 times more acidic than ACTIPH Water. With the highest pH of any bottled water in the UK ACTIPH helps restore the body’s natural pH balance. ACTIPH Water had a pH of 9.5+


Oxidative Reduction Potential measures the ability of a liquid to neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals. The lower the number the more anti-oxidising the liquid is. Green tea has approximately an ORP level of -120 and is considered a powerful antioxidant. Our unique ionisation process allows ACTIPH to be bottled at the even lower ORP of -600.

Purified spring water, Magnesium Sulphate, Potassium bicarbonate, Sodium bicarbonate

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